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Spider vs. Fly
Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly
Hope you aint in a hurry and your quite prepared to die
Call your wife and your kids
Tell 'em you won't make it home
You see your first mistake was comin here
And what's worse you came alone
I've been waiting by the door all night
Just to see you car headlights
You see I found out not too long ago
About your other life
It's true I haven't known ya long
But that aint what it's about
It's the lies that you've been tellin me
When the lights go out
So welcome to my parlour I'm the spider your the fly
Hope you aint in a hurry and your quite prepared to die
Your wife and kids will miss you
When you never come home
But your first mistake was lying to me
And leavin them alone
I've got wine out on the table
Two glasses yours and mine
I know which one is which
Cuz in the end I'll still be fine
Babe you're lookin' drowsy
Why don't you lay down on the couch
Your eyes are getting heavy
And your body starts to slouch
You know that something isn't righ
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Mature content
Mr. Nice Guy :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 1 0
This is life.
This is the mindless chatter in the classroom.
This is the silent side of the day to day drone.
This is an insight behind the countless hours of existance.
This is me.
This is a collection of thoughts.
This is the documentation.
This is an inside look at the concious and subconious mind.
This is my soul on a platter, served up for you to dissect with uncaring eyes and
       hungry thoughts.
This is the world as we know it.
This is a backstage pass to all the things no one dares admit.
This is the hidden dark secret behind every smile.
This is nothing and everything all at once.
This is you and this is me.
This is my past, my present, and the future.
This is the art in the sound of pencil on paper and words spoken aloud.
This is a conversation of truth, the thing that creates lies.
This is pain, and suffering, and madness.
This is every joy ever experienced.
This is the only thing left to believe in, in a world so completely fals
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 1 1
My Nightmare...
This is a nightmare
With small dark spaces
Crowded rooms
Filled with strange faces
All alone
In a sea of strangers
Cold blank stares
Hidden dangers
The music's pounding
A fight song for the masses
So throw a punch
The moment soon passes
There's a killer in the crowd
Maybe two or three
Your searching for a friend
But it's too dark to see
The man in the corner
Has been watching you all night
He's shrowded in shadows
And his gaze just don't feel right
Now burst into the bathroom
A perfect place to hide
The harsh light on your pale skin
Can you see the monster that's inside?
Now this is my nightmare
All pastels and pretty pink
He doesn't love her anymore
And so she turns to drink
And when he stumbles in
The smell of beer on his breathe
In a crumpled heap
She will pray for death
Suburia goes silent
As the screams turn into sobs
And the neighbours close their windows
Thoughts of trailer parks and slobs
Night after night
This is the norm
She carefully hides the bruises
While preparing for the
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 1 1
Pretty on the Outside....
Oh darlin your so pretty
Just not from within
I've seen inside your heart dear
Made note of all your sins
But your lucky yours so pretty
Because your logics fallen flat
Just wait until your beauty fades
And the pedestal breaks where you once sat
I can't wait
To see your world come crashing down
Admist debris and rubble
I will walk without a sound
And gaze apon your once great face
That I once loved before
I tried so hard to hold you up
Till you left me on the floor
So turn around
And save me
Turn around and see
These people don't mean anything
Not what you meant to me
They tell you lies to trick you
Into buying what they sell
A one way ticket on a train
That's headed straight for hell
So listen up
Make a note
The truth is screaming in your ear
No it might not be pretty
But I still need you here
I picked you up
With egg on your face
Didn't say a word
But when my life took a wrong turn
You suddenly disappeared
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Hey Baby...
Hey, baby, hey baby
As I walk into the door
Hey baby, hey baby
As he crawls across the floor
Hey baby, hey baby
From locked up in his cage
Hey baby, hey baby
How was your day?
As I take off my highheels
And go to lay down
I tell the boy my story
Oh but he don't make a sound
You see the boss was on my back today
So I had to slit his throat
Broke a nail in traffic
Left wreckage on the road
Accountant said the books don't match
Took the difference in his flesh
I've been on a rampage that all started  with you
If you only had've listened
You could've saved a life or two
Hey baby, hey baby
As I walk into the door
Hey baby, hey baby
As he crawls across the floor
Hey baby, hey baby
From locked up in his cage
Hey baby, hey baby
How was your day?
A shrug of indifference
As I change into clean clothes
And start into a story
The best they never wrote
Tried to do some shopping
But they didn't have my size
The sales clerk looked so pretty
With her dead glazed over eyes
Yes I've been on a
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
To All Those That Came Before.
It's time you looked into a mirror
And saw your own scarred face
This scene has been no good to you
Pushed aside and shown your place
Your just another rehab rebel
Fightin to fit in
Just another pointless pebble
Too many waves to produce a ripple
In the water your thrown in
With one more round you'll tell a tale
Of how the world has lost it's soul
How people cared when you first arrived
But they aint here no more
These kids you see around you
Don't know what they're fighting for
Now look closer at yourself old friend
Because you don't either anymore
It's sad to see the generations
That have come before
On their barstools soaked in shame
Self righteous wonder years
They can't afford
I sit in wonder ripe with fear
As they slowly fade away
It's the natural cycle
But still I pray I won't be them someday
The years of this harsh placement
Have been far less then kind
But still with drunk beligerence
They loudly speak their minds
Faces so much younger
Look on with pity and disgust
For what of
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
Time Bomb
Thought you were my knight
But all you brought was dark
I wish I could see through this
And find a place to start
They say a writer thrives
On misery and pain
Dear lord I've seen enough
To last for all my days
There's no more time
There's no more places
For this world to throw me round
There's no more love
No happy faces
This ticking time bomb is counting down
These bruises all these scars
Could make a rich man outta me
But still the ends so far away
No superman could see
Just to hear your voice once more
I'd give all my dying days
There's no more for me to give
And nothing left to say
There's no more time
There's no more places
For this world to throw me round, round, round
There's no more love
No happy faces
This ticking time bomb is counting down
And boy I let you knock me to my knees
With every kick I'm beggin darlin please
I took all you could dish out
Stood by without a doubt
Cuz baby I still want you here with me
There's no more time
There's no more places
For this world to thro
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Shut Your Filthy Mouth by Sex-With-Legs
Mature content
Shut Your Filthy Mouth :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
It's been awhile...
It's been awhile,
Yet the days all seem the same
There's been no real joy
There's been no real pain
A lot of thing are different
Yet I can't see where they changed
So many constant people
That barely kow my name
It's been awhile
Too long some might say
But I can't tell if they speak truth
So I'll save judgement for today
The scenery is different
No one left to witness
How life has changed around me
Emotional bills I've yet to pay
It's been awhile
And no ones left to see
Just what I've changed into
So different from the girl I used to be
The cityscape around me
Is a forgeign careless place
And I'm here in the middle
Merely struggling to be
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 1 0
The bus stops here,
But the passengers refuse to leave.
They've found discomfort in their places,
Complacent calm on their faces.
They'll never ask for more.
There's a girl on the left,
A twisted,sexy little tease.
Ignoring the intense perverse glare,
Of the man who lives to stare.
She hopes he'll never ask for more.
And that man on the right,
Who's undressing her with a look.
He's running full tilt from his life,
Forgetting kids and wife.
He thinks he needs more.
Then the child at the back,
Her belly round and fat.
She'll cry herself to sleep,
Pray the lord her soul to keep.
He said he doesn't want her anymore.
Watching in the reveiw mirror,
The driver takes in all.
No discrimination of the large or small,
Because his heart bleeds for them all.
He knows they won't ask for more.
So the bus stops here.
But the passengers fear to leave.
They've got no home to go to,
They've got nowhere to be.
They just want to sit,
watch the world pass by.
And the girl at the back,
Hopes to god she won't
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
Previously Enjoyed...
I'm sorry I'm not open,
About my feelings or myself.
I'm sorry I don't ask for help,
Even I need you there.
I'm frustrating,
I'm confusing,
I know you don't understand.
How I can say I love you,
And listen to your problems and faults,
Yet never share my own.
I know your longing for reaction,
To show I'm human afterall.
I don't get sad,
I don't get angry,
I'm never displeased with anything you do.
I'm not the girl you left me as,
Things have changed in me.
The first time you had me,
I was alive,
Vibrant, loving,
Giving back as good as I got.
Now I'm previously enjoyed,
And not the same person.
When we went our different ways,
I fell,
Was pushed,
And left to die.
Then saved,
Left alone,
Borrowed when convenient.
Previouly enjoyed,
By people not like you.
Ones who didn't care,
What I went through.
I'm sorry I'm not angry,
I'm sorry I'm indifferent,
And I'm sorry I can't talk about it.
The past is there,
And so are you,
My love,
My only,
Give me time to just be with you...
:iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
Mature content
Untiled 3 :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 0
Mature content
untitled 2 :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 1
Mature content
Anyway :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 1 1
Mature content
untilted :iconsex-with-legs:Sex-With-Legs 0 1


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Not everything I've posted is good... not everything I've posted I'm still happy with... if you want to read things I myself am proud to call my own... check out the following:::

1. Mr. Nice Guy
2. Timebomb
3. Spider vs. Fly
4. Shut your flithy mouth (or SYFMAFM)
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